Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like satellite?

~ No, not at all. Satellite Internet signals have to travel a 44,000 mile round trip. Our Internet signals only have to travel a few miles to our tower. That's why our network latency is much lower than Satellite. Our signal will also not be affected by rain or heavy cloud cover.

How is this any different from my DSL?

~ It will blow your mind.

Are there any data limits?

~ We don't limit you on your data usage. However, we do ask that you play nicely and not download the entire Internet in one hour.

Will I be able to stream movies and T.V. shows?

~ Yes!

Is there a contract?

~ Absolutely not. We believe in our service, so we don't need to "lock" anyone in.

Will I be able to finally work from home?

~ Yes!

Is there an install fee?

~ There is an install fee. The price is on an individual basis and it's due 7 days after we install your equipment. If you're not satisfied after 30 days, this is the fee we would refund you.

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